What We Do: Rainwater

At Central Avenue Gardens, sustainability is key to long-term viability, and we always look at ways to boost our sustainability and give back to our community. Our rain water harvesting system, which includes rain barrels, a cistern, and a rain garden, is one way that we work to make a positive impact on our environment. When we collect and use rain water, our gardeners have a direct positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of water taken from our city’s water system. But what other benefits are there to the environment and our city?

Benefits of Collecting and Using Rain Water

  • By relying on rain water to water our gardens, gardeners reduce municipal water demand while producing beautiful, local, sustainable food for their families and friends.
  • In urban settings like ours, up to 90% of water runs off into sewer and drainage systems because of all the hard surfaces like roads, parking lots, and roofs. Rain water systems counteract storm water run off and help reduce flooding, erosion, and pollution.
  • When combined with systems like our rain garden, the benefits are even greater. In natural settings, up to 90% of rain water can be absorbed into the earth. Our rain garden, as well as the rest of the garden plots, allow more rain to be absorbed and less to wash away down streets and sewers.
  • Municipal water treatment and pumping consume a lot of energy. By diverting rain water into our various catchment systems, we help reduce this energy usage.